24 Piece Best Dad Collection

I had the "best" dad.  My dad loved chocolate!

Send your dad these sweet artisan chocolates to enjoy as a "thank you" for all that he does for you.

This collection of artisan chocolates may include Jack Daniels whiskey bonbon, a 64% dark chocolate bonbon, a Valrhona Caramelia bonbon, a Valhona Caramel cashew bonbon, a Frangelico truffle, a Key Lime truffle, a Raspberry truffle, a Pistachio bonbon, a Valrhona Creme Caramel truffle, a Lemon truffle, an Amaretto truffle and an Irish Cream bonbon.

All made with European chocolate, award-winning butter from Hope Creamery in Southern Minnesota, and fresh dairy cream.

All of our chocolates are gluten-free.

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