24 Piece Valentine Collection

Chocolat Celéste is more than a box of handcrafted chocolate. So much more.

It is a gift that enlivens every human sense—delight in the sight of deep, delicious color and opulent shine.

Now touch. Feel a subtle crisp and snap, then a glide over the tongue with velvet, silk, and lush cocoa.

Now for the most important sense of all, taste. Our chocolate moves from complex to creamy, from salty to spicy. Sometimes beginning with a bite, yet always finishing lush and sweet.

This is not a hedonistic, sensory endeavor. For each chocolate, Celéste is made and meant to be given. A hand-crafted cacao love story. A drizzled, dipped, and nuanced remember me. This is a gift of human connections and hand-made confections. Now let the sensory celebration begin.

Each chocolate is created with European chocolate from Germany or France, fresh butter, and heavy cream.  Gluten-free.

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