25 Piece SALE Valentine Collection

The box to share with your true love.

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An awe-inspiring 25 piece gift. An unforgettable memory of your love and Valentine's Day.

The hot pink image reminds us of the flower buds from the cocoa tree, the cocoa pods, flower buds and the cocoa beans. This collection of artisan milk, dark and white truffles and bonbons are our top-selling chocolates, ever.

64% Dark Chocolate, 74% Dark Chocolate, Blood Orange, Champagne, Creme Caramel, Frangelico, Ginger Citrus, Irish Cream, Key Lime, Kona Coffee, Peanut Butter, Pear Cognac, Praline, Raspberry, Raspberry Habanero, Whisky, and Vanilla Perles.


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