25 Piece Curbside Collection - 50% OFF

Sweeten your summer events and time at the lake with bright and fun images on top of the best chocolate in the Twin Cities.   Creamy smooth chocolate ganache covered with 64% dark chocolate from Germany.  Enjoy a Knob Creek truffle, a 64% dark chocolate bonbon adored with our namesake, Celeste (the dog), a Valrhona Caramelia Milk bonbon, a Ginger Citrus Pink Floral bonbon with Pink Fireflies, a Key Lime truffle, an Orange Ginger White Polka Dot bonbon, a milk chocolate bonbon with a golf green image, and finally a Jack Daniel's Whiskey bonbon adorned with a cool red and turquoise geometric pattern.

You will receive a message when the chocolate are ready for pick-up on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday between 11 AM and 4 PM.  We strive to have the order completed within 2 hours of receipt.

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